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We give you a competitive advantage by maximizing the potential of your personal lifestyle and utilizing the latest technology such as artificial intelligence.


What is New Baseline?

New Baseline was born out of a personal journey of transformation and realization; a journey where a shift in lifestyle and an innovative approach to technology led to renewed energy, increased productivity and a better life overall. At New Baseline, we believe that success, whether as an entrepreneur, a leader or an ambitious professional, comes not only from professional knowledge, but also from a holistic approach to health, mental wellbeing and technological insight.

Dedicated to giving business owners and managers the edge they need in today’s competitive world, New Baseline combines the best principles of good living with the latest technology. We’re here to guide you through the process of redefining your fundamental habits so you can achieve your optimal self both professionally and personally.

My dream of being independent and building things from scratch became a reality when I started my first business. But as a start-up entrepreneur, I faced the challenge of delivering on all the commitments that came with it.

Slowly but surely, I felt that my health and drive were failing. I knew that to maintain the momentum of my business, I had to make a fundamental change in my lifestyle.

After a successful transition to a new diet, and by embracing healthy habits like meditation, exercise and continuous learning, I have transformed not only my health, but also my productivity and determination.
Ronny Bruknapp – CEO New Baseline


We offer a range of courses covering everything from technology and artificial intelligence, to nutrition, sleep, exercise, focus and general health. Our goal is to equip our members with the tools they need for an optimal everyday life.

The future of New Baseline

We aim high. With plans to introduce an elite group of seminars, we want to combine training with networking for those dedicated to change. With a vision of creating a vibrant community, we hope to unite entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from all over Norway.

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The core of New Baseline

Values and Principles