Think of the best leaders you know. What makes them so good? Leadership is not just about giving orders. It’s about building a team that trusts you and that you can rely on. As a leader, your job is to help others succeed. And you know what? You can be that kind of leader!

Leadership is a skill, just like cycling or swimming. And as with any skill, you can get better. It starts with small steps – daily habits that make you a strong leader. Let’s look at some of these habits so you can start building them into your life.

1. Gi Ros

You know that praise feels good, right? It does for everyone! The leaders who get it are worth their weight in gold. According to one survey, “63% of workers said they weren’t recognized enough”. That’s a lot! You don’t need to plan a big show. Just a “well done” can mean a lot. Think about it – a simple thumbs up can make someone’s day. And when people feel valued, they work harder. Remember that the next time someone in your team does something good.

2. Be An Example

“Actions speak louder than words”, have you heard that before? It just means you have to lead the way, not just talk about it. If you want your team to work hard, you have to work hard yourself. Be the first to grab a hold and they will follow.

3. Listen Actively

When was the last time you really listened to someone? Listening is the superpower of great leaders. It helps you understand your team better. When you listen, you show that you care about what they have to say.

This can make them feel important. And when they feel important, they become more engaged. Make sure you take the time to listen to what people have to say. It can stop problems before they become big ones. Plus, it’s how you find out people’s strengths and weaknesses. Smart, right?

4. Make Decisions

Deciding can be tough, but leaders need to be brave. Gather the information you need, make a decision, and go for it. Once you’ve decided, stand by your choice.

Like the captain of a ship. Although the crew works hard, the captain is in charge.

5. Be confident

If the leader is uncertain, the team becomes uncertain. Be the confident leader your team needs. Confidence means a lot when the going gets tough.

6. Trust the Team

When you show that you trust your team, you empower them. They feel responsible and their performance skyrockets. I remember when I was sick and had to rely on my team during a hectic period. Everything went well because I had chosen the right people. Building a team you can trust is the key to success. No weak links allowed!

7. Show Integrity

How do you want others to treat you? Do the same to them. Be honest, fair and calm, even when things get difficult. Your team looks up to you. If they see you cheating or being unfair, they can start with that too.

But, if they see you being fair and honest, even when it’s hard, they’ll follow. I once found out that someone was stealing money from the cash register. I waited and caught the thief red-handed. It showed the team the importance of integrity.

8. Ha Optimism

Being optimistic is like wearing sunglasses. Things are looking up. As a leader, spread this positivity to your team. Show that you believe in a bright future. When someone doubts, show them the bright side. Your optimism can push your team to achieve their goals, even when things look bleak.

9. Create an Inspiring Environment

Want a great team? Make sure everyone treats each other well. No room for bullying or pettiness.

A good environment means that everyone dares to speak their minds and come up with ideas. And that’s when the magic happens at work!

10. Be Adaptable

Leaders must be able to change when things change. It’s like playing a game where the rules are constantly changing. You have to innovate and be smart.


Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and practice. But don’t give up. Work on these habits, one by one. Customize them to suit your style and your team. Remember, the best leader is the one who is constantly working to improve. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards strong leadership today!

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