News is everywhere. We love reading about what’s happening around us, even if it’s sad or scary. Has it become an addiction?

What is news addiction?

News addiction is a new phenomenon. We can’t help but keep checking the news. This is a form of digital addiction.

Notice how many times you check the same news source every day? Each time, you stimulate your head with dopamine and other transmitters. Try one day and don’t check the news a single time except for a fixed time you set the day before.

Digital mayfly

The digital mayfly is us. We are constantly online, always looking for something new and exciting and a new “high”.

Information overload

We are surrounded by information overload. Online news platforms, daily newspapers and social media are pumping out news non-stop. News is 90% negative as it is negative news you want to read.

The shift in news consumption

The shift in news consumption is clear. We’ve gone from reading the news once a day to checking the news several times every hour.

News used to be about delivering quality, and those with the best news were published 24 hours before the next newspaper. Now all newspapers copy a story within 10 minutes. Then it’s all about who has the best yarn to catch your attention.

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Is news addiction harmful?

Too much bad news can actually make you unfocused and depressed along with other overstimulation. It can alter our ability to handle stress and prevent our bodies from relaxing.

Responsible journalism

The role of journalism is to inform, not to create addiction. Responsible journalism is about balancing quality and quantity in news.

Information quality and depth

Quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to understand a few important news stories properly than to skim through many.

How to break free from news addiction?

Breaking free from news addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Here’s some advice on how to manage it.

Stop the supply

Turn off all notifications from news sources. Be proactive about when you want to receive news.

Aggregators are your friend

Aggregators collect the top headlines of the day. Subscribe to one or two aggregators instead of many different news sources.

Limit your intake

Set a schedule for when you want to read news. Create rules for how much time you want to spend and what time of day you want to do it.

Final thoughts

News addiction is a real problem, but it can be managed. Make conscious choices about when and how to consume news. Be critical of the sources you use and focus on quality over quantity. Remember, too much bad news can have a negative impact on your health. It’s important to take care of yourself in the digital age.

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