Are you or do you know someone who has to stop at the gas station to buy a hot dog menu or a good chocolate on the way home from work? Even if you know your wife is in the kitchen well into dinner? Today, far too many people eat up to 10 times a day if you include both meals and all the times they drink sugar-containing drinks. Each time, you shoot up your blood sugar.

How many meals a day?

You might be wondering “how many meals a day should I eat?” Well, it can vary. Some people like to eat three meals a day, but you can also benefit from eating just twice a day.

The benefits of two meals a day

Eating twice a day can give your body time to rest and repair itself. This is known as night fasting, a natural process where our body takes a break from digestion.

Avoid ultra-processed food

Avoiding ultra-processed food is important when you only eat two meals a day. This type of food can be harmful to your health and hinder the repair process.

The benefits of the Keto diet

The keto diet, which focuses on eating natural, unprocessed foods, is a good solution. It can help keep you full and satisfied between meals.

How often should you eat?

It is very individual how often you should eat. Some people thrive on the 5:2 diet, which involves two days of fasting a week, while others choose to eat just one meal a day (OMAD).

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5 2 diets

The 5 2 diet may be an option for you. This means that you eat as you normally would for five days a week, while fasting for two days. On fasting days, you only consume a small amount of calories.

One Meal A Day (OMAD)

OMAD, or One Meal A Day, is another option. This means that you only eat one large meal a day. Some believe this gives them more energy and focus. If you want to lose weight, OMAD is an effective way. Remember to read up on the right diet.

Two meals a day

For many, two meals a day is the best balance. It gives the body time for digestion and night fasting, and can contribute to a healthy metabolism. Whatever you choose, remember to avoid ultra-processed foods and focus on nutrient-rich foods as in the Keto diet.

What should we eat on Saturday?

Are your Saturdays characterized by frequent meals with both candy and goodies in the glass in the evening?

On Saturday, why not try a delicious Keto recipe?

You can make a fresh salad for lunch and a nutritious meat stew for dinner. At the same time, you can make yourself some healthy keto options as evening snacks or Saturday treats.

How often should you eat?

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to stick to two or three meals a day. This gives your body time for overnight fasting and digestion. Remember, avoid processed foods and stick to the Keto diet for the best results.

The most important thing to do is to eat when you’re hungry! With a varied and health-promoting diet, you will gradually regain the feeling of when you are hungry and when you want something “good”.

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